US Grand Prix at Sugarbush

My first race of my east coast adventure was the US Grand Prix at Sugarbush. Since I was staying with the Davison family and they only live about 40 minutes away from Sugarbush,  Jojo and I just stayed at the house and drove over for practice....this was sooooo nice.  It was great to practice and then get to go 'home' and hang out with my favorite family in Vermont.

This was an interesting race for me, I have been struggling to get up to speed this year and this race gave me flashes of that speed. I wasn't there, but I saw it...that's a good start...and inspiring. I was also curious to see how my shoulder would hold up. A few weeks before I left I was training at the gym...just stretching and I dislocated my shoulder. It was the wierdest thing ever, I did nothing crazy, it was just the angle. I have injured my shoulder many times, but that was the first dislocation. It was scary but I tried to strengthen it as much as I could before I left and it seemed to pay off, it felt pretty good!  I just had fun riding my bike and trying to find my flow this weekend. On the day I ended up in 3rd with quite a few mistakes...which is frustrating but it is what it is. At least there is a lot of room for improvement right?!?

Photos: Matt Delorme / Lee Trumpore