I had such a great time hanging out in Vermont with the Davison family. The whole family has such a soft spot in my heart, they took me in like family and showed me what Vermont life is all about. I stayed there before and after races for a three week period so I really fell in love with everyone. The family is such a close unit, everyone lives together under one roof and they eat most meals together. That being said everyone is very much on their own program....but they are still so in tune with each other. I ate so much great food (maybe gained a few lbs. haha)...one great thing about the Davison house, is it always smells like fresh bread. Every night Lucia bakes fresh bread so you wake up to the smell of fresh baked bread to eat with your eggs and avocado in the morning. YUM. We went for some fun road rides, picked strawberries and made strawberry feasts, ate Jojo's (aka. Greeny) fresh greens...that girls got a green thumb. If you ever get a chance to spend some time in Vermont, do it, it is gorgeous, everyone is so friendly and you will eat the freshest food in America.

I thought I took a photo of the Volvo's but apparently I didn't...the Davison Volvo's are a sight to be seen, a whole driveway full of Volvos! ha. YES.