There is no hiding that Whistler is my very favorite place in the world. There is no other place that makes me happier. There is no where in the world I feel more at home or feel more love than Whistler. I love my friends, the community, the town, the mountains, the park, the passion. I feel love and I love right back. It is a pretty amazing feeling that is hard to describe without sounding like a total cheeseball.

 After a two year stint in California and a season on the road...I seriously could not be any happier to be back shredding all of my favorite trails with my friends in my favorite time of the year. For some people it may be hard to understand life in a resort town, a place where people are always coming and going, a place where everyone comes to vacation. But I am here to tell you Whistler is a town like no other. It has the tighest community of anywhere I have ever lived...a community that I have missed so, so much!!!