I am slightly obsessed with this place.  To be honest, it wasn't my favorite place in the world to ride...I mean the dirt was epic and I was riding with my friends but as far as trails go it was more about the adventure of it all. The hike was pretty gnarly, it was really cold (hailing/sleeting), the terrain was really rough so our bikes spent the majority of the time on our backs and the elevation was high (we didn't go to the peak but the peak is 17,000+). It's crazy to think that 17,000ft wouldn't knock me on my butt but it didn't, I guess we are getting used to the elevation here in Mexico. Anyway, putting all of that aside, the place was just stunningly beautiful. All of the colors complimented each other and the light and the movements of the clouds, it was so, so nice. Looking back at all of my photos makes me love it that much more.