Taxco is our base until the end of the trip.I didn't really know anything about Taxco before coming here...we have been from place to place to place so I hadn't even googled it. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised, it is beautiful. Upon arriving we went and did a massive ‘course walk’ with the promoters, policia, government officials, emergency services...basically anyone who is involved...I say ‘course walk’ because it isn't really a course walk, we just saw the route. The boys have been busy building away...there is so much to do to make it a fun but safe course. I think Witek is going to do a good job on this course. Urban races have a reputation for being notoriously badly built and unsafe...things break, stuff isn't padded, routes aren't clear, lips and angles are far from correct...anyway, I think he will bring a lot of insight into this emerging discipline.This is where the Taxco urban race will be and I am so excited for all of my racing friends to roll into town. That is one of the coolest things about matter where you go, you have friends...friends from home, friends from abroad and new friends.I love it!