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If there is one city that exudes class, Stockholm it is.

We spent a couple of days in and around Stockholm on our arrival and I pretty much fell in love with it. Every one rides bikes, everyone puts time into their appearances and the city is incredibly clean and friendly. The city is full of bike lanes and from my own observations it seems to be the transportation of choice for a morning commute. There are people of all ages, sizes and personalities cruising through the bike lanes! And talk about polished. Everyone is so well dressed,  I could just sit there for hours and people watch.

Stockholm has a the largest archipelago in Sweden and the hundreds of islands surrounding the city are popular summer weekend spots for the Swedes. We ferried out to Sandhamn and spent the afternoon on bikes exploring the island. There are no bike trails per say but saying that, there are no cars on the island so bikes are the most efficient means of transportation and there are lots of fun walking tracks that can be doubled as bike trails. The island itself is so incredibly charming. Beaches, sailboats, little red cottages and seafood a plenty.

Katie Holden