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For those outside of Europe, Hafjell only recently came on the radar when they hosted the World Cup Finals last September. However, Hafjell has had a long history of hosting sporting events, including the 1994 Winter Olympics. Lilhammer! Ahhh ha. Took me a minute too! Hafjell hosted Slalom and Giant Slalom. The Olympic legacy is still alive with the logo cut into the trees!

I was blown away at the size of the park. It is big! Lot's of trails and tons of variety. Excavated, tech, jump, race...you name it, they've got it. A lot of love has been put into this park, the trails are very well thought out and there is a lot of love and passion put into these trails. If you are in Scandinavia, do not miss this place. And say hi to Snorre while your at it, he's the man behind it all.

Here are a few videos to get you pumped while you wait for ours!



Katie Holden