What's in my Camelbak

unnamed 1 One thing that I have gotten good at over the years is packing...well kinda. I still think I bring way too many clothes, but that aside, I usually have exactly what I need and a well packed back makes anywhere feel like home. Since it is really starting to feel like Spring and Spring usually means the start of bike adventures, I decided to start with my Camelbak. These core items go with me wherever I go...

  • Camelbak Spark: This is my favorite pack for long rides. The weight sits really low and I think that it actually improves my posture on my bike. The pack as a whole really hugs your body and you hardly feel like you are wearing anything which I love.
  • Smith Buff: This goes everywhere with me...I usually use it as a neck warmer but you can use it for so many things.
  • Lezyne Pressure Drive
  • Jacket: I always pack a jacket of some kind, a small little windbreaker goes a long way when it gets chilly. In the winter it is not uncommon for me to pack my small down jacket as well.
  • Snacks
  • Elixir: I feel so much better after my rides if I drink this during my ride rather than straight water.
  • Little bag with derailer hangers, bolts, power links, zip ties etc.
  • Chapstick with a bunch of extra hair bands around it
  • Tire levers
  • Hand warmers: I get cold easily and they can make a long, wet ride much more comfortable.
  • Tube
  • Extra pair of gloves
  • Duck tape: Fixes everything.
  • Tiny Lezyne multitool which I keep in my pocket
  • Lezyne multitool with all the essentials
  • Identification: I always keep a copy of my license, passport, emergency contact info and insurance info in my pack. When I travel I also have a paper with local contacts, information as to where I am staying, flight info and travel insurance (I use the same paper when I enter a country as customs/immigration like it...I have multiple copies and always keep these together)
  • Emergency pack: first aid gloves, emergency blanket, headlamp, knife, whistle, fire starter and compass
  • SPF (not pictured because I need to buy more!)
  • I keep all the random bits in a little bag so I don't have a bunch of loose items in my pack. Makes transferring items from one pack to another a breeze.

Is there anything that I am missing? What do you carry in your pack?