Tunes // 4.22.14


  1.  Adios General | Sol y Lluvia
  2.  El Diablo | Company Quinto
  3. Vivir Mi Vida (remix) | Tono Rosario
  4. Summer | Calvin Harris
  5. Do You Only Wanna Dance | Julio Daviel
  6. Cuba Libre | Zucchero
  7. Mal Bicho | Los Fabulosas Cadillacs
  8. Can't Remember to Forget You | Shakira & Rihanna
  9. 212 | Azealia Banks
  10. Matador | La Fuente
  11. Timber | Pitbull

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I have been going crazy over all the photos from the EWS in Chillan de Nevados, Chile this past week. I have fallen in love with Chile over the last two years and it makes so happy that the rest of the world got a glimpse as to how cool it is, I hope that more people choose to ride, travel and race in here in years to come.  It is a stunningly beautiful country with the most warm and welcoming people. Enjoy some of my favorite tunes from my trip down south...

Katie Holden