Burlington Bike Park

IMG_6331Last weekend I had the opportunity to co-host a women's night at Burlington Bike Park which is a 40,000 sq. ft. park located in Burlington, WA. I haven't spent much time riding indoors over the years but BBP is a pretty cool little zone and a welcomed break from the elements up here in the PNW.  The night was great, there were over 60 women that turned and it was a really fun supportive environment. All levels, ages, backgrounds! I am still off the bike for a bit longer with a knee injury so I was unable to ride (snuck in a couple pumptrack laps), but I just loved being out there hanging out with everyone, seeing people progress, get excited, encourage each other.

Huge thanks to Casey Jarzombek, Adam Andrade, Jill Kintner, Britney White, Kat Sweet, Arielle Martin, all the vendors that set up and of course the ladies!