Liv Camp

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I flew down to Phoenix a couple of weeks ago for the first annual Liv camp. Although Arizona and New Mexico are quite popular winter riding destinations, this was my first time venturing down here in the winter.












So what is Liv camp? it is pretty much a Liv reunion of sorts. The brand has about 80 regional ambassadors across the country that come from all walks of life - all ages, backgrounds, shapes, sizes . The one thing (or two things) they have in common are their love for bikes and their influence in their respective communities.

We spent our time riding and camping in McDowell Park which is just outside Scottsdale. The trails were pretty cool - fast, flowy, wide open, nothing too technical - a great place for a group of varying abilities on and off the road.

Western Spirt took care of us, or more like spoiled us. Nothing like finishing a ride to margaritas and fresh chips and guacamole while you are camping. :) We ate like queens. They are worth a look if you are interested in a trip in the western US. Can't say enough good things about them.

Anyway, this trip was SO rad. I met so many great women and I am so happy we are all a part of the same Liv family. I think the 'Shake it Off' video will give you a clue of some of our shenanigans.

Huge thanks to Liv for this awesome event!!! ♥