Women's Wednesday

women's-wednesday 1. Great NY Times piece on up and coming track star, Mary Cain. // NY Times

2. I love reading Tracey Hannah's insight and perspective on World Cup racing. // Pinkbike

3. Becky Hammon is making history as the first assistant NBA coach! // Marie Claire

4. Lindsey Voreis is an outstanding and her clinics are filling up very quickly, if there is one in your area, SIGN UP! // Ladies Allride

5. Think you've got it bad? Well chances are Miranda Miller probably had it worse - but you would never know it from her positive outlook...and the fact that she was .12 off 1st at the first national of the year. Yeah Miranda! // Pinkbike

6. How would you talk to a friend? You wouldn't talk to yourself that way - you can do it. // Machines for Freedom

7. This little girl, Macey Hensley, is hilarious, smart and motivated - just watch her give us a little lesson on US history! // Ellen

8. I want to do this!!! Go to Retallack with Katrina Strand! // Pinkbike

9. Emma Watson is so well spoken and inspiring - listen to this talk to the UN about gender inequality. // United Nations

Katie Holden