Women's Wednesday


This is a collection of interesting reads about inspiring women I've come across lately. 

  1. The dates for the Liv Ladies Allride Tour were released today - registration opens the 10th and it always sells out. Get on it. :)
  2. Amazing story about Everest's most accomplished female climber. 
  3. I have always struggled with the idea of giving away my last name. Holden is a part of who I am.
  4. Serena Williams says it how it is.
  5. Rachel Atherton had a PERFECT season this year - this is an absolutely incredible achievement in any sport.
  6. I am an Annie Leobovitz super fan. If you have some time, this is a good watch.
  7. Here is how a Triathalon helped America Ferreira.
  8. I heard about Lucy the Australopithecus falling from a tree on a podcast a while back and bookmarked it because I thought it was super interesting. (I only included one link here but it's worth a little search around if you want more)
  9. Anne-Caroline Chausson floors me time and time again.