Washington, D.C. by Bike


Ok, I promise to stop recycling content and give you all some cool new stuff soon. I have created a lot of content over the last year that I never really got the chance to share and I want to give it a home to live, even if it is in the archives because I think it is valuable for planning trips and learning tips....

I would put Washington, D.C in my top 5 favorite places I have ridden my bike in the US. This includes all kinds of biking...mountain, road, dh, cruisers etc. It is reallllllly cool. Like really cool.


DC has so many protected bike lanes. It is a relatively small area densely packed with culture, history and museums to keep you entertained for days. The people are great. The food is amazing. I felt incredibly safe on my bike which is important if I am going to be in a big city. I think that DC is pretty much the PERFECT introduction if you want to dip you toes into bike travel. Do it with your partner, family, friends, whoever - you will love it.

Similarly to my NYC guide, I have a comprehensive guide up on Liv so head on over, spend a little time with it and start plotting your adventure. :) FULL GUIDE HERE!!!


Ohhh and I cannot recommend Jeff at Bicycle Concierge enough - soooo much knowledge and passion.