My favorites for city riding!

My favorites for city riding!
  1. Liv Civita Helmet: Cute and practical for the city. //
  2. Uniqlo Packable Jacket: I am a super fan of the Japanese brand Uniqlo, their products are inexpensive and well-made. This packable layer is great for wind or light rain. Thier puffy jackets are also amazing and ok for light rain.  If it gets to wet you can always hop on the subway or duck into a coffee shop. //
  3. Pinheads: Locking mechanism for your wheels and seat. BUY THESE! //
  4. Sombrio Valley: Love this shirt. And it has a reflective strip on the back. //
  5. Abus Bordo Lock: The guys at the Bike Rack in Washington, DC suggested this lock to me and I am SO happy. It kept my bike safe all through NY and DC and it folds up so nicely - I always tell everyone about this lock. //
  6. Burts Wipes: Your hands/face/legs get dirty in the city. It feels so nice to have a lil wipe now and again. //,default,sc.html
  7. Coola SPF: My best friend just got skin cancer and it has been a really scary reminder to use SPF every single day. //
  8. Camelbak Arete: This is one of my favorite pack in the entire Camelbak lineup. I think it looks nice wherever you are, particularly the black one. And it is super packable, great for travel. //
  9. Giant Numen Mini Lights: Super important if you are riding at dusk/dawn or in the dark. //
  10. Metrocard: Save the hassle of dealing with cash and buy a metro card with few trips on it.
  11. Liv Beliv: I am obsessed with this bike! I can’t stop riding it, I just want to go everywhere on it. It is super comfortable to ride and has so many nice details such as a step through frame, disc brakes, reflective wheels and racks mounts. Plus it looks really cool. :) //
  12. Levi’s High Rise Skinny Women’s Commuters: These are super cute and the bottoms fold up into reflective stiching. //
  13. Vans Slip ons: I live in these shoes and I wore them on my entire trip. I wouldn’t suggest SPDs unless you are logging some serious miles as they can scrape/be slippery on museum floors, makes walking less comfortable and are a bit harder to dress up. //
  14. Liv Quick Fix: When you run over that broken bottle, you are going to want this. :)