How to deal with a post-ride muddy mess


This time of year can get pretty wet and cold in the northern hemisphere and motivation can be hard when you are battling the elements. I really love riding in the wet, nasty stuff but I HATE the clean up. Muddy bike. Muddy clothes. Dirty Car. Uhhhh.

I came up with a solution to ease the pain which I live by - although you still have to clean up, it really minimizes the mess and the hassle.

Meet your favorite big blue bag - the IKEA bag.

Watch my Liv Cycling video to learn how I do it. :)

How To Take The Mess Out Of Rainy Day Riding

Spring riding have you covered in mud? Make the clean up super easy with tips from Liv Ambassador Katie Holden! Share your post-ride muddy photos with us! #livbeyond #actuallyIcan

On those rainy days, make sure you are kind to your trails, and postpone your ride if your local park is closed.

Posted by Liv Cycling USA on Sunday, April 24, 2016

Photos: IKEA / Paris Gore