There has been a lot of chat in the air lately about clinics. You may be on the fence about whether to sign up for one or not. My answer? ABSOLUTELY YES. I feel like I am riding my bike today - for a living - because I got a solid foundation. I was not a natural cyclist by any stretch of the imagination but I loved it and I wanted to learn so I put the time in. I surrounded myself with people that were better than me, challenged myself regularly and opened my mind to learning. Whatever your aspirations are with cycling - getting better is FUN.

Here is why you should sign up...

  1. Build the foundation: I like to think of the skills that we learn on our bike much like building a house. Youcan't build the house unless you have a solid foundation (well maybe you can - but it probably won't last long and it will crumble with time). Without a solid foundation you are much more prone to getting injured. When you learn to interact with your bike better, you are more balanced and can quickly correct mistakes which might have otherwise led to a crash.
  2. Progress quicker: The amount of progress that I see in one hour of coaching is astounding. Imagine what a weekend will do for you. It is so much more efficient.
  3. Ride a new area: Signing up for a clinic is a great way to get comfortable with a new area whether it is in the next town over or the next state over.
  4. Meet a great community: The people. Meeting new people is probably my favorite thing about coaching. You will leave with new like minded friends and riding buddies.
  5. Learning feels good: My goal in life is to learn everyday - learning something new makes you feel good!