This, not that: Podcasts

I have long been a fan of podcasts.  You can listen to them while you are exercising, driving and doing stuff around the house - and they kinda keep you out of the black hole (social media/the news/tv) that is way too easy to fall into right now. I want to be informed and have a voice but I also want to be cognizant of the impact everything going on right now has on me personally from day to day.

I have been listening to the BBC World Service Global News quite regularly for the past year or so and I really like it - they put out two each day, 30 minutes each.

The app 'Casts' is my favorite way to listen. There is a trial period and then a one time $9 fee - I think it is totally worth it as it streamlines my day and makes listening easy.

Do you have any favorite podcasts?