Snaps from California

Jinya is amazing for ramen if you are in Santa Monica. I was down in California last week for Liv Camp (which you will see here shortly) but I thought I would post a few more from the rest of my trip too. After Liv Camp I went up to Santa Barbra to do a video for Liv. Unfortnlyu the weather wasn't on our side - there was a mega storm and californoa is a bit of a drowned rat in the rain - so we had to be patient and improvise a bit but I think it is going to be fun! It was great to spend some time with my Liv fam, meet the Venture Visuals guys and catch up with friends. From SB I headed down to LA and then on home!

This stream turned into a raging river!

Jen, Caroline and I enjoying one hell of a meal at LARK:)

When the skies cleared, we had a view.

Kristen and Jake.

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