No tech in the bedroom


All the media these past couple months (or maybe closer to a year now) has taken a toll on me - I highly doubt I am alone on this one. I've felt it creeping into all aspects of my life - my sleep, my mood, my happiness. While I want to be an informed, contributing citizen, I need to take care of myself. That means getting the sleep I need, stepping away from my phone and having friendly interactions with the people I encounter from day to day.

I was tired of going to sleep to negativity and waking up to scary headlines, so I made a no electronics in my room policy, and I bought an alarm clock - an actual alarm clock that needs batteries (Yes, I have a kindle so technically that's not a no electronics but that is the only piece of tech I keep in my room). I have seen quite a dramatic change in my sleep and overall mood. I feel like I've got 'me' back. Yes, the headlines haven't changed, but I feel like I can take on the day with a smile and my head high. :)