Why you need to ride a pumptrack


I haven't ridden a pumptrack in what feels like ages but today certainly made me want to ride them more often. I just love their fun, playful, social nature - just hanging out with friends and riding bikes.  Bellingham is getting its first public pumptrack in a few short months here and I can't wait. The one I rode today was a converted equestrian arena so while it was raining all around us, it was no worry to us. :)

I think that pumptracks are one of the very best ways to build skill and confidence on a bike. Anyone from pros to young kids on push bikes can ride a pumptrack - the same pumptrack which makes it pretty special. No matter who you are, you will always be challenged.

You can learn quite quickly how your bike reacts to terrain and how your body needs to move to make your bike move how it should. The repetitive nature makes skill building very efficient and it is also easy to use photos and videos to understand what you are doing to further expedite your development. You can ride them any time of day - after work, before school, at lunch etc. etc. And it is a realllly good workout. You are pretty much doing back to back intervals. Get on it!

If you are unsure whether your town/city has a pumptrack, pop into a bike shop and ask.

There are a ton of pumptrack tutorial videos on YouTube but here is one to get you started. 

In case you are wondering, I am riding my Giant STP with flat pedals. You can ride any bike on a pumptrack but I think a hardtail is the best tool for the job. 

Photos: @jillkintner


I love this lil video from a pumptrack in Switzerland. :)