When it snows, you do things


This winter has been the strangest I can remember. The weather just can't make up its mind. And SO MUCH SNOW. Yesterday morning it was nice. And then it snowed for a few hours and then it got nice out and melted.

Soooo we spent the morning at the cool little private pumptrack I posted about the other day - till the sideways snow made it too wet to ride. And then we decided to go for a little spin on the interurban train here in Bellingham. I have come to love this little trail - I can ride any bike on it and I can hop on it from right in front of my house. You can ride it to the MTB trails or to downtown or the beach or just ride it just to ride it. I love it. It extends about 7 miles with additional sections that branch off in various directions. Jill and I went out for a fun little afternoon jaunt which is just what I love. No real plan, just going to go. :)

I am riding my Giant STP on the pumptrack and my Liv BeLiv on the urban trail. I have some fun travel guides on my BeLiv on Liv...this bike is sooo versatile.


Snow dayyy ??❄️❄️❄️??????#livbeyond @jillkintner @adrianhopkins22

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