Why I love Liv Camp?


Bikes are the best. The power they have to bring people together, time and time again, people from all backgrounds and walks of life - it is incredible. Liv camp is such a beautiful illustration of the way in which they connect us. So what is Liv Camp you ask? Well, Liv works with 120+ ambassadors across the US who are passionate cyclists and go-getters in their respective communities. These ambassadors are friendly faces, resources, role models - a person that someone new or experienced - can look to for help. They come from all backgrounds, all experience levels, all walks of life but they all share a common passion for bikes. At Liv Camp we ride, listen to talks, have roundtable discussions, learn about product, get to know each other and figure out how we can do meaningful things in our communities.

This year Liv Camp moved from Pheonix, AZ to Newbury Park/Malibu, CA. While camping in AZ is super fun, change is always a good thing and experiencing CA at the greenest I have ever seen was pretty cool.

My 3 favorite moments from this year's camp?

  1. Riding from Newbury Park to Malibu with a mega crew and swimming in the ocean!
  2. Lentine's talk on nutrition and learning about this amazinggg food blog.
  3. Talking to people. I know that sounds kinda vague and cheesy...but I just love getting to know people. Learning about where people are from, their communities, what type of riding they do, what they love, what they hate, what they want to see more of. People make me happy. :)

Liv Camp is an opportunity to bring this group together.

I love Liv camp. I leave each year feeling so full and happy with a ton of new friends.