Home sweet Bellingham

I have talked about Bellingham a fair bit lately, but I haven't mentioned much about my home. In December of 2106, my sister Ali decided to move to Bellingham from Denver, CO and we found a place to live together.

While the idea of living with my sister was slightly frightening, we decided to just go for it. I adore her, she is my sister but living with your sister can be really good or really bad, and I don't think there is much of a middle there. Luckily it's gone incredibly well. I absolutely love living with her. We get along great, we have things that we each do and contribute, we hang out, do activities, we are closer than we have ever been. It is the best!!! I am so proud of her; she got a great job, has met so many people and has pretty much become a Bellingham local in t-minus no time.

We are Holden's, and we like people, so we obviously had to have a little housewarming. We kept it low key as we have a small little apartment but we wanted to have a fun crew with great food to break in the new house, and that's just what we had. SO MUCH FOOD. A big game of Salad Bowl (this game is so fun with a big group!). Good vibes all around.

One thing that was super special to me was my friend Hana came down from Vancouver to hang out for the weekend! We met in Jordan 2 years ago and I stayed with her this past trip, but she is living in Vancouver now which means she is pretty much my neighbor.

Hana is a ninja when it comes to climbing so naturally, we went to the gym while she was here! :)