Love the EARTH


I am not going to open a political can of worms right now because frankly, the T word just makes me cringe and is such a buzz kill. But taking care of this planet collectively - is not political, it doesn't see parties, culture, color, language, religion. We all live here - this is our home.

I think that there are people who do far better at me when it comes to reducing their footprint but I have been making a serious effort to improve my daily routines.

Here are a few things that I done:

  1. Using natural cleaners - I live close to the water so I think just having that visual there has really made me rethink the products I am using - if the thought of it going into the water makes me cringe, I probably shouldn't be using it. Plus we personally probably don't want to be using either.
  2. Eat less meat - I am a meat eater, I love meat. But I have started to ween off of it a bit lately and it is easier than I would have ever thought. This is not to say that I don't eat meat, I do, I am just a lot more selective with the meat I chose to eat. Rather than eating meat multiple times a day, I eat it a few times a week now. If there are good cuts of meat that come from healthy animals, i'm in, otherwise I usually pass.
  3. Be conscious of single-use plastic - this is probably where I have improved the most, thanks to the surf community. Single use plastic is horrrrrible and we use SO much of it. Be conscious of what you are using and if you don't absolutely need it - don't use it. This goes for water bottles, cutlery, bags, packaging etc.

I know habits are hard to break so I have been making a conscious effort to rewire my thinking and do my part. I am nowhere near perfect - but I am making baby steps. 

tree photo: Paris Gore