The trail 'Disneyland', high above Squamish, has been on my 'hit list' for years but it is quite a mega mission to get up there, and I had yet to make it...until this past week! When the opportunity to head up there via heli with a with a super fun crew arose, I obviously said YES. We had a pretty epic two days up there camping in the alpine. Ohhh that place is beautiful. 360 degree views. You can see Atwell, Squamish, the fjords, the sunshine coast, even the glow of Vancouver in the distance. The weather was beautiful, couldn't have been any more perfect. I felt so lucky to be up there!

While it was a perfect adventure in my book, I can't say I would recommend the ride down. First of all, there was a TON of snow. There was rideable stuff at the top in the sun but as we started to make our way down it was a real challenge to even find the trail - there was that much snow (we're talking feet!). Secondly, I am pretty sure no one has ridden the trail since last summer and it was covered top to bottom with debris. It was an adventure to say the least. Let me just say this trail is gnarlyyyy - 100% the gnarliest trail I've been on in sea to sky. Maybe ever. You know I love the tech and steeps and this one threw me for a loop. We had a solid crew of skilled riders and we had to walk most everything because of the combo between the trail and the debris (rocks, branches, sticks, trees...). I think with some love it could be pretty cool (still veryyyyy challenging) but given the limited access its hard to imagine.

So it was an adventure, to say the least.

But it was also an epically awesome with a great crew. It made me so thankful for the beautiful places bikes take me and the people I get to share these experiences with. :)

Mega thanks to Black Tusk Helis, @remymetailler, @robinoneil & Chris Clark!