Another fun day of good people, bikes and learning new things. Today marks the final day of the first crew of awesome retailers - most are now on their way home now, and we've got a second wave rolling in tomorrow!!

I can't wait for you guys to see all the new bikes. I think we are clear to share on the 17th so stay tuned.

I really enjoy my time around the office and sitting in on presentations because I feel like I gain a better understanding of both Liv and Giant as a whole. Whether it's merchandising, e-commerce, retail challenges + needs, marketing, engineering - I soak it all up. I love learning things and being surrounded by people who are both passionate and talented at what they do. And as an athlete,  I always feel like I can make better decisions and be more efficient and strategic with a broad perspective.

After all the indoor activities, I headed out for a lil' rip - it was a lil' toasty but sweating feels good. :) We started as a big group but the group splintered as the heat got the best of people. I am not sure how hot it is but it is hot in my book. I am always soooo scared I am going to run over a rattlesnake when I'm down here - literally that's all I think about. Please don't be a snake, don't get too close to the bushes, is that a weird rock or something else.....Hahahah. I have a talent for running over snakes and never even seeing them. I don't think it is the actual bite I am scared of, I just don't want to get sick from it because I hateeee being sick. Bahhhhh!

Bye bye for now.