The 2018 Liv + Giant Roadshow in Mt. Hood

I drove down to Portland last week for the Liv & Giant Roadshow up at Mt. Hood. You all saw my photos from 'The Link' which is an extended version of the Roadshow. The Roadshow is so that dealers in the area can spend a day riding the new bikes and checking out a showroom without spending too much time away from their shops in the peak of the summer.

I thought Mt. Hood was the perfect location....the weather was beautifullllll, couldn't have been any better really and the Mt. Hood area is stunningly beautiful (regardless of the weather). And the riding is super fun! I did quite a few laps in the bike park - which are totally my style of trails. Natural, tech and steep. I was in love. <3

One funny thing that happened while I was there - I lost my key. I went to my car to grab a change of clothes, went to the bathroom to change and then went to the expo and sometime in that period my key went missing. I broke the clip that connects it to the keyring so it was on its own. I looked everywhereeee.  I just couldn't understand where it went in such a short period of time in such a small area. The woman in the restaurant suggested the garbage...whatttttt. Nooooo. But it also seemed like a possibility given the small area and short period of time. So she gave me some gloves, I held my breath and I FOUND MY KEY. Walllllllla. SO WIERD. But I got my key and thoroughly washed it. hahahah

After all that the day was capped off with a fun night with my Giant fam including dinner and pool shenanigans. I love this crew so much!