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Why I love Liv Camp?

Bikes are the best. The power they have to bring people together, time and time again, people from all backgrounds and walks of life - it is incredible. Liv camp is such a beautiful illustration of the way in which they connect us. So what is Liv Camp you ask? Well, Liv works with 120+ ambassadors across the US who are passionate cyclists and go-getters in their respective communities. These ambassadors are friendly faces, resources, role models -

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When it snows, you do things

This winter has been the strangest I can remember. The weather just can't make up its mind. And SO MUCH SNOW. Yesterday morning it was nice. And then it snowed for a few hours and then it got nice out and melted.

Soooo we spent the morning at the cool little private pumptrack I posted about the other day - till the sideways snow made it too wet to ride. And then we decided to go for a little spin on the interurban train here in Bellingham.

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My first time as an EMCEE

Whewwww that was fun! I have never been an emcee before but when the opportunity arose to host Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival bike night I nervously said YES - and I absolutely loved it. Thank you for the opportunity VIMFF. 

It really is quite nerve racking - but exhilarating standing up there in front of everyone. As scary is it was, I cannot wait to do it again!

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Snaps from California

I was down in California last week for Liv Camp (which you will see here shortly) but I thought I would post a few more from the rest of my trip too. After Liv Camp I went up to Santa Barbra to do a video for Liv. Unfortnlyu the weather wasn't on our side - there was a mega storm and californoa is a bit of a drowned rat in the rain - so we had to be patient and improvise a bit but I think it is going to be fun! It was great to spend some time with my Liv fam, meet the Venture Visuals guys and catch up with friends. From SB I headed down to LA and then on home!

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Snaps from Taiwan

I went out the Liv & Giant HQ in Tai Chung, Taiwan recently. It was a whirlwind of a trip - with only 4 days on the ground but I made the most of it and tried to do as much as I could. I used my early mornings to explore the city, the days working with an amazing team (who introduced me to a lot of new foods and Taiwanese culture) and my evenings for more exploring, socializing and new foods. I even got to ride before I flew out on Saturday which amazing - we had a mega crew and rode some super fun trails. I can't wait to return. Doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, I just love to travel.

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My America!

I feel like I am pretty good at letting things roll of my back but this chaos in the US right now is getting the best of me - I have constant knots in my stomach from so much negativity and hate.

I wrote this just after the election and I thought I would share because it has been at the forefront of my mind...

"I have not been able to hold back my tears. I feel like everything has been sucked out of me. I feel sad, upset, angry, confused, disappointed, embarrassed. To know that this is what the majority of Americans want and I am an American feels in a sense that I have lost my identity.

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A rainy day in Bellingham

You may or may not know that Bellingham is my new home! I have spent a fair bit of time here over the past year and I finally decided to move here. There were a few factors contributing to my move but the proximity of great trails, the awesome community, the lower cost of living...and the fact that I can be in Vancouver or Seattle in just over an hour is pretty special.  You will hear me talk about it more and more with time but today illustrated perfectly why I am so excited to live here: unplanned, rainy day rendezvous at the Nat Geo exhibit at the Whatcom Museum with so many friends.

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