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A rainy day in Bellingham

You may or may not know that Bellingham is my new home! I have spent a fair bit of time here over the past year and I finally decided to move here. There were a few factors contributing to my move but the proximity of great trails, the awesome community, the lower cost of living...and the fact that I can be in Vancouver or Seattle in just over an hour is pretty special.  You will hear me talk about it more and more with time but today illustrated perfectly why I am so excited to live here: unplanned, rainy day rendezvous at the Nat Geo exhibit at the Whatcom Museum with so many friends.

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My favorites for city riding!
  1. Liv Civita Helmet: Cute and practical for the city. //
  2. Uniqlo Packable Jacket: I am a super fan of the Japanese brand Uniqlo, their products are inexpensive and well-made. This packable layer is great for wind or light rain. Thier puffy jackets are also amazing and ok for light rain.  If it gets to wet you can always hop on the subway or duck into a coffee shop. //
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Washington, D.C. by Bike

Ok, I promise to stop recycling content and give you all some cool new stuff soon. I have created a lot of content over the last year that I never really got the chance to share and I want to give it a home to live, even if it is in the archives because I think it is valuable for planning trips and learning tips....

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Netflix Favorites

This time of year I watch way more Netflix than usual. I occasionally watch movies and sometimes get into shows (my favorites are Homeland, Scandal, Designated Survivor, Dexter and Sex and the City re-runs) but I reallyyyy love documentaries. I just love learning about new people, places and things and when I spend long stretches (relatively speaking) of time at home, I love transporting myself to other cultures and ways of life. These are a few of my favorites.

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A new year!

Can't believe another year has flown by. Here we are January 1st, 2017. Last night was a fun little evening, I had some friends over at my new place for food, a little too much wine and some good laughs. I wanted to ride today but we got a little snow last night so I opted for a morning walk and an afternoon hike with Jill who just got home from Australia - so happy my buddy is back. Walking in the mornings is something I want to make a habit, I have been pretty good at doing it lately - I really enjoy just getting some fresh air, listening to my BBC Global News podcast and getting the body moving. Nothing too crazy but such a nice way to start the day.

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The Holidays!

Happy Holidays my friends! :) I've been quite on the ol' social these last few weeks but it's been nice to unplug and spend some time with family - that is one thing I have really improved on this past year, the unplugging part. The past month has been pretty crazy -I moved, went to CA, went to NYC and celebrated Christmas. I am finallllly feeling settled and feeling in a good spot.

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So I decided to switch blogging platforms as I want to do a bit more interactive content and I was having some major problems on my other site. I did a lot of the custom coding on it and it's one of those things that is hard to jump into unless you reallyyyy dive into so to make a long story short, I made a mess of the backend of it and it left me uninspired to create content when I couldn't present it the way I wanted to. So here we are. Hopefully I will have some more regular content coming at you as it is something I really enjoy doing. If there is anything you would like to see, read, get inspired by, let me hear it!

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