Important Changes

I have been going round and round about what to do with my blog for quite some time. I love having a blog, I have had this thing forever - but I also don’t really like writing about my life on here all the time. Which is why it is kinda off and on. Yes, I like sharing, but I learn so much from other people and just have a lot of really cool people in my life and I kinda want it to be a bit more about them. And the travel. And the gear. And all the things we collectively love. Of course it’s my voice and my content, but it’s not really about me.

Soooo this is what I am going to do - I am splitting the blogs.

There will be my personal blog which you will be able to find on the header under ‘MEET KATIE’. This is where that will live and then there is this new format I am going to run with which will make up the majority of the content which will live throughout the site. It will take a bit to build up the content so I am going to keep my personal stuff on the home page for a bit so it doesn’t look totally empty but as I get my groove, my personal blog will take a backseat. You will also notice some blank-ish sections and links so give that a bit to get content populated. Bear with me. :) This is kind of an experiment but I am excited about it. As always, I am keen for feedback so if you think I could do something better, let me know.

Thanks fam!! :)

Katie Holden