My flight over was one of my easiest flights ever. I flew to LA where I hopped on a plane to Brisbane. The plane took off, I read my book for a bit, I ate dinner then I fell asleep and when I woke up I had missed breakfast, so the flight attendant brought me some breakfast and before I knew it we were landing in Brisbane at 8am. I didn’t even get to watch any movies! I love it when that happens. I guess I was tired. Yah so getting on with the point, it is a good thing I got some rest because we had a pretty full on day right from the start. We hung out at Woody’s for a bit and built up my bikes, went to the pie shop and then headed into Brisbane. We wandered around Brisbane all day. We went to South Bank. We went to 2 Pubs. We went to a super nice steakhouse. We just explored Brisbane until we were exhausted. When the day was over, I rode in a plane, a car, a bus, a boat and a bike. Cool.

Katie Holdenaustralia, woody