The Peak 2 Peak opened up yesterday. Peak 2 Peak is the new alpine gondola that Whistler Blackcomb has put in which spans from the Roundhouse on Whistler to the Rendezvous on Blackcomb. It is quite an engineering feet; it spans 4.4km/2.73mi across the valley and is supported by 4 towers! The distance between towers from Whistler to Blackcomb is 3.02km/1.88mi! Pretty insane if you ask me. Anyway, there was a huge grand opening celebration on the mountain yesterday. It was a very long and costly project so a celebration was needed.

I am not gonna lie the thing freaks me out a bit. I have been sky diving, I have been bungy jumping, I like to ride my bike fast down the mountain but being suspended 1427+ feet over Fitz creek is a bit unerving. I did it though and it wasn’t too bad. I am sure I will use it on a regular basis- its pretty cool being able to go from Whistler to Blackcomb in a matter of minutes. I went in the glass bottom gondola for my first ride. The picture is me over the glass- pretty cool. Only 2 of them have glass bottoms so no need to worry if thats not your thing!

Katie Holden