one thing after another.

So I didn’t really want to chime in and remind people of the Gondola collapse this past week because Whistler has had it pretty rough lately but I feel a bit obligated because it is substantial news. No one was seriously hurt and to be honest the whole ordeal could not have been much better given the seriousness of the situation. It happened right at the bottom of the mountain and at the end of the day. The Excalibur gondola has two separate sections so all of the people on the upper portion were able to get off normally without any kind of evacuation. The emergency crews were on top of it and proved to everyone that they know their shit.

Yes it is quite scary but it was a bit of a freak accident. The cause of the accident is said to be ice jacking. Basically water seeped into tower 4 near a critical weld and when this water froze it expanded causing a catastrophic failure. I can bet you that Whistler Blackcomb is gonna be sure that this will not happen again. I think Whistler is the place you are gonna worry the least when you hop on a lift now!

Whistler depends on Tourism for its survival and the town in really suffering right now. The start of the snow season has been super slow, it has been super cold, the American economy is suffering big time and now the gondola has collapsed...Whistler needs you. There are tons of killer deals in town right, food, shopping!!

The snow is on its way!!

Katie Holden