i tried skeleton, loved it.

No, thats not me! I wish. Today I had the opportunity to give Skeleton a go at the Whistler Sliding Centre...let’s just say it ROCKS! I look up at the Sliding Centre just about everyday and wonder why I have not been up there and why I am not obsessed with it by now! To say I was excited is an understatement!

My excitement soon turned to -’holy shit’- when I saw the size of the walls! Pictures do not give it justice! We started from the Maple Leaf Start which is only the bottom third but still rad nevertheless. I had never even sat on the thing before I hit the ice...no joke...haha! Before I knew it I was hurtling 95k/h face first down the track! I don’t really know how to describe it...the forces on your body are crazy you feel like you are being smashed against the sled through the corners!! Your face is also inches, yes inches, off the ice. On the last corner the forces were strong the front of the helmet dragged on the ice! I was a total passenger on the thing but there is some serious skill to get it good...the best are separated by thousandths of a second!

Skeleton here I come!!!

I set the speed record for the day on my 3rd run which I was stoked about- 98.3k/h...beat all the boys! Whoop Whoop!

Katie Holden