bobsled and skeleton world cup.

I am so stoked on the sliding thing right now!!!! I have spent the last 3 days up at the Whistler Sliding Centre for the FIBT Bobsleigh and Skeleton World Cups. Thursday was skeleton, yesterday was 2-man (men’s and women’s) bobsleigh and today was the men’s 4-man bobsleigh! Incredible!!!

The Whistler Sliding Centre is the fastest track in the world- the bobsleigh guys were reaching speeds of 150+ km/h...they smashed all of the former speed like 20 km/h! The sound is something to be way to describe would be a freight train! Got to see a bit of carnage...let me tell you going upside down at 100 km/h is GNARLY...if the thing flips there is nothing you can do but hold on and wait till it stops which is at the very bottom!! Luckily everyone that flipped was ok! Crazy shit!

Yah so if Whistler would hurry up and get a coach already...let’s do this!

Check out some of these vids...!

Katie Holden