the city.

This past week I represented my school at the BC Tourism Industry Conference in Vancouver. It was a great opportunity to network, get a feel for where it is I belong in the industry and eat a lot of really good food! I could not get enough of the food in the city!! I just love the sights, sounds and smells of the city...I couldn’t live there for any extended period of time but I LOVE it in small doses. Thursday marked the 365 countdown to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games!!! I went to a fabulous luncheon to celebrate which was loads of fun. There were a few olympic hopefuls and the Premier Gordon Campbell was even there to speak...he is a great speaker by the way. In other news, I got a job with Tourism Whistler which I am really excited about. I will be doing my co-op with them and will work with them through the Olympics. It should be a great experience.

I have had so much exciting stuff going on this past week, awesome opportunities left and right and I could go on and on...

Katie Holden