fluidride #1.

The NW is the new black. Yup thats right. 410 racers showed up to the first Fluidride Cup of the season in Port Angeles. NW racing is off the hook. I don’t think they were expecting close to that many people but they ran the show seamlessly...! The course was sick. The top bit was fast with a few jumps and some fun corners, next bit was fast, rhythmey and tight in the trees, then gap jump to whoops, step down and some more fast single-track to huck to flat at the end. It was such a fun course to ride I couldn’t control myself...I didn’t want to stop!!!

Miranda was riding super well and got the well deserved win. I came out second and am happy with that considering its only the first race of the year. I felt great on the bike...super strong and ready to destroy, I just need to put in some time on the bike over the next month so I can get up to speed. Curtis and Lars tied for first but Curtis had a faster qualifying time so he won the final. Stoked for Curtis. Pinner.

I was stoked the California boys came up although they pretty much lived at Sergios Mexican Restaurant while they were in PA. haha. No joke, every time we drove by there was a big black van parked in front. hahahaha. Love it. I can’t wait to head down there for some shred action and real mexican food!! 3 more days.....!!!

Final Results: Men: Curtis Keene Lars Sternberg Casey Northern Joey Schusler Chris Boice

Women: Miranda Miller Katie Holden Danice Uyesugi Katrina Strand Leana Gerrard

Katie Holden