phat wednesdays, that time of the year again :)

The Phat Wednesdays (ie. the Beer League) are finally here and I am so excited.!!! Phat Wednesdays are all about racing your friends (rivals, nemesis, bros, brahs...) for the bragging rights and of course, a chance to do some good old bonding over beer. This summer Phat Wednesdays are going to be every Wednesday as opposed to every other Wednesday so I am pretty stoked on that, the more the better as far as i’m concerned. I love Phat Wednesdays It was cold and wet on Wednesday but that didn’t keep the racers away…something like 170 racers paid their two bucks for a run and a beer. The first Phat Wednesday is always B-Line…tradition (the cool kids ride chainless.. ha.). Adam Billinghurt ie. the Bermanator is the King of B-Line so everyone was on a mission to take him down…he is pretty much undefeated on B-Line. Until now...he got a flat.

Yah so everyone had their run and my homedog Mr. Curtis Keene came out on top in the chainless category (this year was wet and muddy so the boys with chains pulled like 10 seconds on the chainless boys...every other year it has pretty much been a draw). Billinghurst was given a second run and edged out Keene by like a tenth of a second but it was his second run and as some people say, racing is racing….anyway, the boys had to fight it out boy was nice. They chugged beers and then arm wrestled for the cash. Keene crushed the Bermanator and that was that. I pulled through a ‘W’ on the ladies side with a solid margin…beat the chain and chainless girls so that was sweet….until the next morning. You are not allowed to keep the money if you win a Phat Wednesday (that is like the #1 rule of Phat Wednesdays) so between Keene and I, we had like $340 bucks to spend at the bar. Everyone got to see the money in liquid form…ha. Classic night. I love Whistler.

Katie Holden