So its been like 3.5 weeks and my shoulder is still causing me grief. I missed Crankworx and now the Fluidride Cup (I won’t get the overall now!) and I have been getting some major ants in my pants watching everyone ride and race. I was dreading another day off the bike just hanging out while everyone rides and I heard about this trail running race while working on some event stuff at work. I don’t really run but its something to do, right? So I decided to enter this running race called Salomon 5 Peaks. They had a sport course and an enduro course, I thought, if i am going to do it, I might as well just do the whole thing so enduro it was...11 km up in Whistler’s alpine. The race was tough but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I saw on the elevation map of the course that there were 3 downhills (proceeded by uphills of course) before a massive climb, which was the last big push of the race. Just knowing the order of the climbs was pretty good help. I thought that it was all downhill after the big uphill which it mostly was but there there was a lot more uphill than I saved energy for so that last km was so hard. We ran down this steep fire road for about a km, that was just jarred every bone and muscle in my body! From there we went into some tight single-track which I was so relieved for but my legs were mush after that downhill so it was hard to make my legs go where I wanted them to go. The last km of single-track was rolly/uphill to the finish...I was so beat.

Anyway, it was such a fun way to spend a saturday. I was thoroughly worried I was going to come dead last because I thought that all of the people who race enduro run loads and train but I am happy to say that I was not last. I was 13/19 in my class and 173rd out of 241 overall. Pretty far back...but not last =). I think I am gonna have to try another one soon!

Katie Holden