when you can't ride...

The trail running kept me busy for awhile...after that race I became a trail running machine but then the weather started to turn cold and nasty and I was over it. It has really started to look like fall in Whistler recently, the air is crisp, the leaves are changing and things are slowing down. Under normal circumstances September/October are one of my favorite times of the year because the riding is incredible and the change of season is nice. Well, not riding and racing and training was really starting to do my head in so I packed up my bags and drove to Seattle to visit my mom. From there I decided to go to San Francisco to visit the bf. And from there I decided to go to Mexico because I like Mexico. Mexico was definitely a good change of atmosphere...no bikes in sight. I just hung out at the beach, went to the gym and visited friends. Its so nice to just get caught up in a good book and lounge at the beach....and eat a lot of guacamole. I am a bit of a guacamole whore, I ate sooo much guacamole! Now I am on my way back to Seattle for 8 hours only to go to Vegas in the AM. Interbike, the big annual North American bike trade show is located in Vegas. I am pretty excited for Vegas...the Interbike/Vegas/the slot noises are a bit overwhelming but its a one time a year thing so I welcome it with open arms. Yah so thats about it, I have been a bit off the radar as far as racing is concerned but I have definitely been in the social loop. Love the socializing. Steve Peat won Worlds like 2 weeks ago which was absolutely amazing. I was soooo happy for him. We had a sweet worlds party...watching peaty win in a room of 20 english boys is something I will never forget!

Being injured sucks, especially when you don’t feel that hurt. Not a fan. At least I have all this built up drive...mentally I am ready to go full bore into training as soon as I am healed. :) I cannot wait.

Katie Holden