So much has happened this past month, AMAZING. I can’t believe I have neglected my poor blog since Interbike!

Interbike was rad. I got lots of business done so I plenty of time to play. I can’t let the cat completely out of the bag yet, but I can say that I will be riding for Specialized, SRAM and Race Face again. The products speak for themselves and the people, I love ‘em! Yah, so obviously those three companies don’t cover everything on my bike or body...or my thirst or hunger :)...so you will just have to wait and see!!!

I got an MRI and Arthrogram on my shoulder...no surgery so that is such a relief. It has been one of the weirdest injuries I have ever had...so slow healing;. But I am a little more than twelve weeks out now and it is feeling pretty damn good.

I started school up just after Interbike. I cannot wait to be done!!!! I will graduate with my Diploma in Destination Resort Management from Capilano University in December. I was hoping to have all my course work done for my Bachelors from University of Colorado at the same time....that would have been amazing....but it will finish shortly after so I am still pretty pumped. Like REALLY pumped. It will be such a stress off my back. It is quite stressful having all that lingering over you 24/7. More than anything, I am happy that I can pursue a bunch a of projects that I have been wanting to do forever...now I will have time!!

We got our first snow here today. That was totally unexpected. I hammering away at my computer and I looked up and the snow was coming down. It started super sleety and I didn’t think it would ever stick. But it did. Almost time to huck it on my skis. Huck is such an awful word, nothing beautiful about it...but I use it and I like it. HUCK.

I am getting better at the Twitter thing...you guys should follow me. www.twitter.com/katieholden Check it out! The more I get into it, the more I love it...I am a bit of an information whore...useless or not, I love information so Twitter is good to me...

Yah so thats the latest gos’ on the Holden front.... :)

Katie Holden