Singing Pass

I kind of have an addiction with getting tired. I think thats the thing that gets me most about being injured...I don't go to sleep tired enough.

Yah so I was thinking about racing Salomon 5 Peaks again this's a trail running race up in the alpine of Whistler but I didn't have my trail running shoes which makes it kind of sketchy to giv'er especially when there are a ton of other people and I have a broken I decided to finally give Singing Pass a go. I have been meaning to do this for so long, so I finally did it. Solo. I love people but I also love being on my own so I just went into 'Katieland' for 4 was pretty freaking rad.

Singing Pass is a 21km hike  from the village up to just bellow the basically parallel Fitsimmons creek and then end up at Oboe/Musical bumps, so you cross Oboe, Piccolo and Harmony before you get back to the gondy. I wouldn't call it difficult, just a's quite a lot of trail and it is mostly uphill so you kinda just put your head down and go...

PS. Hope you guys like all the self-portraits...HHAHAHAHAHHAAH

Katie Holden