and its off!

I just got my cast off this morning! So happy you don't even know. Look at that tan line! It will be awhile before I am riding but I must say I am pleasantly surprised that my arm was not ridiculously small...the time in the gym has paid off so my comeback should be quick! The bones still look pretty broken on the x-rays but they should be good to go soon....I have to keep it immobilized in a splint for a couple more weeks but I am fine with that as it is best they heal how they should and I was lucky to avoid surgery- no need to mess it up now. My arm can breath and it feels greeeeeat.

I can definetly say that I will not be racing Red Bull 5000 down. I thought that it may have been a bit unrealistic but I wanted to stay positive and keep an open was/is good to make a goal and a deadline nevertheless. Don't worry there are plenty more tangible goals in sight. :)

I cannot wait to ride!!!!!!

Katie Holden