On the road

Its been a big few weeks. After I got back from World Championships, I prepped my house in Whistler to rent it out for the winter, packed my bags and headed south to California where I will spend the winter training...maybe longer, we shall see. Santa Cruz to be specific. I hung around there for 2 days, did family stuff, house hunted and even went to a Dodgers-Giants game....I love baseball. Before the whole bike thing, softball was my life so I will always have a soft spot for it...so many childhood memories are made up of time on the field.

From Santa Cruz I headed south again, this time to LA. One of my best friends from the University of Colorado, Danielle lives down there so I hung out with her for a couple of days. She just moved from the valley (I just like saying that cause Clueless is like my all time favorite movie) to Holly'hood'. So funny. It's a pretty sweet place but for anyone who knows LA...Hollywood is not so nice. I thought that it was pretty cool though...lots of restaurants, bars, interesting people.

I also went down to San Diego and picked up Griz and we went out to watch Chula Vista Supercross. Griz absolutely smashed himself at National Championships. He overshot a double and shattered his pelvis and dislocated his hip. Not nice. He spent a month or so in the hospital and underwent 4 surgeries but now he is back at home recovering. Because of all of it he is wheelchair bound for 4 months...horrible. But his spirits are high and he has turned pro at XBOX...does the whole headset, live gaming thing. ha. Anyway, it was good to see him and get him out and about. It is hard to see something like that happen to someone you care so much about.

Stephen Murray was at Supercross as well...he is truly an inspiration. Everything that comes out of his mouth just sticks with you...he has been through hell and back and he is still the eternal optimist...everything is half full. “When you think there is nothing left, reach within and dig deeper”, “Believe in Yourself”

You can read up about him here and buy a shirt if you like. :) http://staystrong.co.uk/?page_id=2

Now I am in Vegas for Interbike. Yesterday was the first day of the dirt demo....and my first day back on my bike!!!!! I felt like I was never even off it! SOOOOOOO HAPPPPY.

Tonight is the LifeCycles premiere....I can't remember the last time I was so excited for a premiere.

Katie Holden