Interbike 2010

Interbike was awesome. I went there with a plan, I wanted to work with a specific group of companies which I know parallel my vision and goals within the industry and I am coming out of it working with every single one of them. I am pretty excited to say the least. Suchhhh an awesome group of people/companies to be working with for 2011 and beyond. Exciting things on the Holdenfront :)

Aside from the business aspect of things I always have a great time in's Vegas....with all of my friends. The Life Cycles premiere. The Crankworx Party. And a lot of other randomness in between...ha.

I had some fun with Fat Booth!

The Hard Rock was like a sanctuary from all of the trade show crazyness....

But now I found a real sanctuary...MOAB.

I rolled into town yesterday afternoon. Set up camp. Went for dinner with friends. Then Smores. Then a night hike. A much needed solo camp. An epic 30+ mile ride today. SO AWESOME.


Katie Holden