Rainy Day!

Went out to a friends house yesterday for moto day with the boys...he has a track at his house so it was pretty fun and low key. Some heckling. A bonfire. Some sketchyness. A bit wet but thats what trees are for! I didn't ride because the track was pretty gnarly, it was super slippery and I had a borrowed bike...I need to get back out to Hollister and ride some trails first, that track was not the place for it! One of the highlights of the day was trying to leave the track at the end of it all...Pappy has a 2WD truck and the road out is steep and slimmy and he just about didn't make it....first time he tried to get out he just slid down the hill but with 2 motos in the back and 3 boys bouncing on the tailgate it gave him just enough weight....BARELY. The thing was sliding all over the place but he managed to hook up enough to make it out of there.

Katie Holden