Right to Play

Right to Play - Assembly from The Africa Channel on Vimeo.

Yesterday I went over the Specialized for a day with Right to Play and Team HTC. I contacted Right to Play on my own, before I even realized that there was a Specialized connection so once I found out about the Specialized/Right to Play connection, I was very happy.

The organization, Right to Play, has been on my radar for quite awhile now but until recently, I just didn’t have the time or resources to really put forward a solid effort. Now that I am done with school and my focus is a bit more streamline, I am in a position where I can work actively with the organization to make a difference. I have been pretty freaking lucky in my life and I have picked up so many skills along the way through my travels, my education, my time on the bike and everything in between…. to devote all of that to a personal endeavor would be a complete waste. I have too many tools in my toolkit to use just one or two and I have seen too much to turn a blind eye…

Right to Play is an incredible organization because it teaches kids life lessons through sport and play. Most of us take play for granted, life without play is something we just don’t understand, it is such a basic human need. Play gives us the confidence and drive to set goals and achieve them. Play teaches us how to interact with others whether they are a teammate or a competitor. Play takes complex/abstract lessons and teaches us how to understand them in simple terms. Play is fun.

I am who I am and I am where because of play, period.

When it comes to charities (and the politics), people can argue over this and that but in my opinion it is a child’s fundamental right to play. A kid is a kid anywhere regardless of race, religion, politics…

Please read up more about the organization at www.righttoplay.com

Katie Holden