First ski day of the season...

It's a little late for the first day of the season but I am not in Whistler anymore...driving 3+ hours to Tahoe for a ski day is a lot to ask now that I can ride my bike to the trails in SC! Tough life, I know. :) It's good to mix up the winter routine...actually I love it. The summer months are always so busy I miss out on the other 'summer sports', until now!

I skied Alta/Snowbird today with my dad. We haven't skied together for ages so it was fun to have some father/daughter bonding. Utah has been getting pounded with snow but we missed the good stuff so the conditions were so-so. Still fun nonetheless. Anyway, I am on a little family road/ski trip out to Boulder, CO to see my sister graduate. Should be a fun week. I love Boulder and I am always excited to catch up with my friends...yah CU!

I had some fun with the GoPro... I used the chesty mount which was a good choice for the day!

Katie Holden