The trip over here was great, I was pretty tired when I got on the tired, I could hardly keep my eyes open before take off. Lucky for me, I fell asleep right away and woke up about an hour before 10am London time. Perfect. No jetlag at all.

Bernerd picked me up at Heathrow and we crusied out to his in Guildford, we stopped and had lunch on High Street which was fun. Cute little town with cobblestone streets and old buildings!

My home for the next 3 weeks was parked in the driveway when we rolled up to Bernerds...home sweet home. Not gonna lie, I am pretty excited about calling one physical location home for 3 weeks while traveling all over the place.  After a bit at Bernerds,  I promptly gutted his whole van and camper...gave it a bit of a vacum and a wipe and did a little organizing...and an air freshner. :) The girls touch. Much better.

We ran a few errands to get ready for the trip and while we were out and about we saw Prince Charles, kinda. We were out on some country roads and we got stopped by this policeman which was kinda wierd...the way he stopped us and all. Anyway about a minute later like more policeman and a Range Rover roll by...Prince Charles was in town for some event and he was on his way back to London. That was pretty cool.

We decided to leave that night to get a jump on the 500 mile drive, driving about 200 miles before stopping at a little rest stop for the first night in Bessie, the camper. Slept like a baby.

Katie Holden